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Uszczelniacz poł. gwintowych Loctite 542

Catalogue Index: LO542 10ml

  • Part number: LO542 10ml
  • Loctite
US$10.98 US$8.93 + 23% VAT
End of stock

Uszczelniacz Loctite 638

Catalogue Index: LO638 10ml

  • Part number: LO638 10ml
  • Loctite
US$14.21 US$11.55 + 23% VAT
End of stock

Klej hybrydowy ultra szybki HY 4070

Catalogue Index: LOHY4070 11g

  • Part number: LOHY4070 11g
  • Loctite
US$25.07 US$20.38 + 23% VAT
End of stock

Odtłuszczacz w sprayu Loctite SF 7063

Catalogue Index: LOSF7063 400ml

  • Part number: LOSF7063 400ml
  • Loctite
US$14.60 US$11.87 + 23% VAT
End of stock

Silikon olejoodporny Loctite SI 5900

Catalogue Index: LOSI5900 300ml

  • Part number: LOSI5900 300ml
  • Loctite
US$22.48 US$18.28 + 23% VAT
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